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Marks and Spencer’s Uniform Dress

Sometimes I’m amazed at what shows up at thrift stores. The other day when we were in Wisconsin, I ran to the thrift store hoping to find a pair of pants for my oldest boy. I of course got sidetracked by the girls dresses and found this beauty. It is a Marks and Spencer’s school uniform dress from the 90’s. It is almost identical to the one I wore when I went to school in England, except for mine was brown and white. As it was a size 5 (just like my daughter) and in pink (her favourite colour), how could I resist. It goes perfectly with the little hand sewn vintage slip I also found her in a different thrift store in town. I just love when I find things that bring back such wonderful childhood memories for me, and to see the joy a new pink dress and pretty slip brings to my daughter is great.

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Patchwork Fields

While we were driving through Nebraska, Iowa and Wisconsin, I saw many, many patchwork quilts. Some were wavy, some solid, some stripey, and some full of patches. Only this time, they were all fields instead of fabric. They sure were pretty.

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Cloud Spotting

fluffy lamb What can I say, being in the car for two days straight can make you a little loopy. I’m just kidding, the first day of our journey, the sky was so amazing. It was the most gorgeous blue with fluffy white clouds everywhere. alligator We had some fun spotting different animals in the clouds, and here are a few. My favourites were these last two…. a mama elephant… and her little one.

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A Month Long Adventure

Well, I was hoping to post this morning, but time got away from me, so let me fill you in on our next month. We are off on a month long trip, with our first stop being my sister-in-law’s wedding. We’re headed back to Wisconsin to the town where Hubby and I spent our first several years of marriage, and the same town where both of our boys were born. I haven’t been back in 6 years, so I am looking forward to it. After spending a week there, we are going to head down to Hubby’s parents house to visit with them for another week. When we leave them, we will be headed out to the East coast to spend two weeks at the shore visiting my dad. We haven’t been on a trip this long ever, I think. It should be lots and lots of fun. For the first two weeks we will have regular internet access so I do plan to keep posting regularly, but I’m not sure about the last two weeks. We’ll have to see what we can figure out for the internet. At the moment I am typing in a pitch black hotel room as all the kiddos are sleeping after being stuck in the car for eight hours, then promptly getting all of the wiggles out while swimming for a long time at the hotel pool. Though I don’t really love being in the car for that long, the further east we move, the weather is getting warmer, the wind is dying down, and there are more and more trees and green signs of spring. Even some gorgeous roadside flowers along the way. Well, I’m pretty bushed as well, so I’ll say goodnight. Have a great day, and I’ll fill you in on our adventures here soon. Be forewarned though, you’ll be seeing quite a few pictures of animals, clouds and scenery here for the next few days.

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Tea Wallet

This is one of my go-to gift giving gifts. They are fun and easy to make and hugely practical. This is the tutorial I used. I modified a few things. I added a bit extra for the height of the pockets as some of the tea bags I use are a bit taller and I was having a few problems with them sticking out the top. Oh, and I didn’t use interfacing either, and I think it ended up thick enough, but if you were using really thin fabrics, you would probably want to add it. And lastly, I used one of the girl’s hair elastics instead of making a strip to hold the button in place. Last year I made quite a few of these for Mother’s Day gifts, and I think they were really well liked. I always have one in my diaper bag, just in case. Now in a moment of desperation for a good cuppa, all I have to do is find a cup of hot water. I really do love these, and as they use such little fabric, they are great stash busters as well. Have fun making some. I’d love to see them if you do try.

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Down to Denver and Back

We had to drive down to Denver yesterday as that is the closest Apple store and we needed to take our computer in for repairs. It was a perfectly grey, and drizzly day (I must admit, I do love a good rainy day). The sky was so many different shades of grey and blue and the ground was still partially covered in snow, which made the mountains absolutely gorgeous. Have a great weekend everybody!

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To The Dentist (and back)

We drive 45 minutes away to go the kid’s dentist. We had a really bad experience with the one here in town several years ago and won’t take our kids to see him. Anyway, it’s a nice little drive and I thought I’d share some of the views.

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Cloth Baggies

About a year ago, when the babe started eating real food, we needed to have some snacks on hand for her when we were out and about. I didn’t want to go through so many plastic baggies, so I purchased these little velcro cloth baggies. They would be really simple to make, but it was at a time when I wasn’t able to do much crafting, so I bought these. They are made by Evelyn Fields, and they are adorable. I mostly keep cheerio type snacks in them and even if some get crushed, there is no spillage from the bag. This is just one little way that we reduce our waste and look pretty at the same time. What is your favourite way to be green?

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Be Still

be still necklace A new year, so full of possibilities. I must admit, after all the gearing up for Christmas, it is sometimes a bit of a relief when it is finished. I immediately think of the spring coming (though that won’t be for many months here), and new life and warmth. I look forward to celebrating a new year of birthdays starting with all of my boys in the spring. Thoughts of what to plant, where to plant it, and how much to plant. Dreaming of picnics every week in the warm summer sun, having it be warm enough to let my kids play for hours outside every day. We have serious cabin fever by this time of year. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was just cold, but the wind makes it unbearable. I’m not such a huge fan of resolutions, but a new year does make me reflective over how I would like to do things this year. Much of this past year was spent physically, mentally, and emotionally recovering from the previous two years. This year I feel a renewed vigor and enthusiasm, and I am excited for the possibilities. This necklace was a gift from Hubby. It was made by Lisa Leonard and is called Be Still. I absolutely love it, and it is a constant reminder to be still. Being still is sometimes a little difficult with four children. This year, I want to live in the moment more. Enjoy each and every hug, story, cuddle that I am blessed enough to have. I want to enjoy cooking more, so often it’s a matter of just trying to get a nutritious meal on the table while stopping a squabble, holding a fussy babe and trying to think straight and stir at the same time. I want to be outside more, and truly enjoy the beauty of the world around us. To visit family more as time goes by so quickly, and the children are growing at the speed of light. I want to lie in the grass and read stories to my children, make them picnics to have on adventures in the back yard. Then there are the more domestic things that I want to accomplish, such as being more organized, getting some sort of chore system worked out with the abilities of everyone in the family. Being really good about making a big shopping trip and then only going out when we need milk and fresh veg/fruit. I could go on forever as there are probably hundreds of things I want to do, but my overarching goal is to be still, enjoy what God has given me, and make thousands of new, fantastic memories with my family. I sincerely hope that you all have a wonderful new year and are able to accomplish all that you want. Happy New Year!

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Houses on Stilts

stilt houses On our way home, we drove a little way out of the way to take a ferry ride over the Illinois River. After we crossed and were driving on a small road, we drove by this row of houses on stilts. There is so much flooding in this area that it is really common for people to build up on stilts to prevent problems. Many of the houses had their decks built directly under the house complete with grill, and porch swing. I love the colours of these houses and thought they looked just perfect along the tree lined river. I hope you all have a wonderful, safe New Year’s Eve.

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