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At The Cabin

Going to the cabin was just what we needed. Good doses of fresh air to help the kids recover from illness and plenty of nature to get stuck into. I started a new Claudia Scarf for myself while sitting in front of a fire early in the morning. I love the sound of the river rushing by, it is so calming to me. Watching the clouds roll by through the mountains… Finding triplet peanuts as you are feeding the stellar jay’s and chipmunks… Seeing all of the beauty of nature around you… I think the babe ate more peanuts than the animals. We had a great, albeit short, weekend up in the mountains. The sounds of the water, the fresh air, the good time spent with family was as restorative as I thought it would be. Now, just to catch up on the laundry, dishes, etc….

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Elk at Rocky Mountain National Park

This past weekend we paid a visit to Rocky Mountain National Park. It was beautiful and we spent a little bit of time driving round to find some elk. They are starting to congregate to rut (their mating period) and we were lucky to spot a few. Here is a cow, She is beautiful. During the rut, the biggest, strongest bulls will have a harem of up to 20 cows. She’s been spotted. This was one big elk, and he wasn’t more than 50 yards away from us. Every year when they congregate, the bulls will fight for dominance and only the strongest maintain harems. The chase is on. He went after her licking his lips and bugling. Rejected. Silly boy, even cows need a respectable amount of wooing. The bugling of the male elk is eery (at least to me). It can be heard for miles and sounds like someone is being murdered. Incidentally, our eldest can imitate it perfectly. What a majestic creature, we were so lucky to see them so close. We did end up seeing one male and his harem of 17 cows, but they were much farther away. We are hoping to go one more time when there are many more elk in the meadows, it would be great to see some of them antler wrestling for dominance.

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Summer Bounty

A simple summer salad made from the bounty of our garden. Well, it may not be a huge bounty, but it sure does taste good. There is something so incredibly satisfying about being able to walk out into the garden and pluck peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers right off the plants. In less than five minutes you can be sitting down to a wonderfully simple salad that is still warm from the sun. This was the first year we grew peppers and cucumbers and they will definitely be back next year. I’m also looking forward to growing some different veg as well. Slowly but surely our garden is expanding and it is so much fun. The kids love being able to pick veg, but they are really excited about the cantaloupe. Right now it’s about the size of a softball and growing a bit every day. What bounty are you enjoying from the garden (or the shops)?

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Everything Is Just Peachy

Such beautiful colours. The flower was one picked out of the garden by my daughter, and it matches perfectly with a gorgeous fresh peach. Things are going pretty well here. Time is flying by and much is being accomplished. I am finally seeing some progress on the decluttering front. I keep gathering bags of items for the thrift store, and some more items to sell, and after many weeks of doing so, I am beginning to think there is light at the end of the tunnel. Now instead of stacks of clutter in front of more stacks of clutter, there are only small stacks to deal with. I am beginning to feel my head slowly unclutter as well. Our littlest one is now officially potty trained. Yipee! I can’t say that I’m sad to see diapers go (she is still in diapers at night), though now none of her little pants fit her cute little tushie. Those cloth diapers sure do add some bulk. I guess it’s a good thing that it’s summer and wearing nothing but sundresses and new undies will do just fine. Oh, and she turned two, where does the time go? This is what that fresh peach turned into, a scrumptious peach blueberry crumble. Yum! Sometimes there is nothing you need more than digging a spoon into a bowl of steaming, fruity crumble to make you feel better. Especially when there is some yummy ice cream melting into the crevices of fruit. Hope everyone is doing well. I will be doing my best to post several times a week and see how that works out for now. It feels good to be back.

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In The Mountains

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Well, we’re off for a weekend in the mountains. We’re heading out early in the morning, so I’ll see you all on Monday. I haven’t forgotten the rest of the questions, I’m still trying to track down a few photos, but I should be able to answer the last couple of questions at the beginning of the week. Have a great weekend!

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Wide Open Spaces

This is Wyoming, at least our part of it. Pretty much everywhere you look, it will be just like this. It is flat, goes on forever, and the sky is gorgeous. Throw in some antelope, there are always plenty of those. Add some more prairie and sky, and a few bison, and there you have it. Wyoming. Not a tree to see, not many hills. The prairie and sky just go on forever. The perfect setting for an old fashioned western. In our part of Wyoming, this truly is what you see, everywhere. It’s no exaggeration, you can see for miles (we can see the rockies on a clear day, and that is 100 miles away). The scenery doesn’t change much at all, but it is gorgeous and the sky, well, it just doesn’t get any prettier than out here.

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Our two weeks at the shore were full of adventures for the babe. When you are used to the plains and emptiness of the west, seeing the ocean was amazing for her. Feeling the sand squidging between her toes and the freezing ocean water run over her little feet… the ocean breeze blowing through her hair and for as far as she can see, nothing but water. Running along the beach…. and exploring on her own (with Daddy a few paces behind her). Helping build sand castles… finding new treasures, and discovering that sand doesn’t taste that great. Of course, keeping up with the big kids is no easy task for such little legs, but what better way to rest, than taking a long nap on our picnic blanket with the sound of the water in your ears and the ocean air in your lungs. Every couple of days she still says “ocean…back”. We will definitely be making this trip every year.

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Horseshoe Crabs

We arrived on the east coast just in time for the spawning season of the horseshoe crab. It was a pretty amazing sight. The first night that we were at this little beach there were only one or two crabs, but a couple of nights later they were there in droves. Here is a male horseshoe crab (the small one) hitching a ride on the female up to the shore. The males have a small hook like claw that they can attach to her shell and basically be pulled to shore. Sometimes multiple males will hang on for a ride. They are beautiful creatures, quite prehistoric looking. We didn’t get to see the underside of the crabs except for when they were climbing up over the other crabs, or when the waves would flip one upside down. They use their tails like rudders to flip themselves back over if they get stuck. I was absolutely mesmerized by the crabs, as were the children. It truly was an amazing sight. We laughed when we saw several horseshoe crabs with little seaweed toupes. Here’s another one. We had never seen horseshoe crabs in person before, so we were extra pleased with this unexpected treat on our trip. Here are some seagulls waiting to eat the horseshoe crab eggs that were laid in the sand. As the horseshoe crab population goes down (from people harming and taking them), the seagulls which feed off of the eggs also begin to have problems. Here is some more info on horseshoe crabs if you are interested. They are amazing creatures with lots of fun facts to learn.

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A June Hailstorm

Last week we had a major hailstorm. These babies were the size of a quarter and they came down so hard and fast that they tore leaves and branches off of just about anything that had any to start out with. Within a matter of minutes the entire yard was covered in rather large hailstones. We all had fun watching the hail, but I was so thankful that I didn’t have any tomatoes planted in the ground yet, there is no way they would have survived. Even the street was flooded. It certainly makes me think of farmers and their dependence on the weather for their crops. The hailstorm was pretty isolated, nobody else in town got it, so I don’t think there was much damage, which is good. Just thought I’d share our weird and wacky Wyoming weather with you, back to more holiday pics on Monday. Have a great weekend!

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