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Perfect Spring Days

You know it’s finally a gorgeous spring day when the temperature hits 72 degrees, and you are able to spend pretty much the whole day outdoors. When you can plant flowers in a pretty hand painted thrifted pot…. when your most energetic boy can finally really work out some of those wiggles on the trampoline…. Well, let’s face it, they all have wiggles, and the tramp is the perfect spot to get in some exercise. I should probably get up there, but I’m not convinced I would be able to move the next day. When it’s warm enough that they all have rosy cheeks, and are just about completely covered in layers of dirt, which makes the perfect time for a mango strawberry milkshake (just frozen mangoes and strawberries blended up with some milk). What a gorgeous day it was. By the time we came in and got them all cleaned up with hot baths and warm food, their little heads hit the pillows and they were out. I am so ready for all of our days to be like this, though of course, it’s supposed to snow again on Friday.

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Down to Denver and Back

We had to drive down to Denver yesterday as that is the closest Apple store and we needed to take our computer in for repairs. It was a perfectly grey, and drizzly day (I must admit, I do love a good rainy day). The sky was so many different shades of grey and blue and the ground was still partially covered in snow, which made the mountains absolutely gorgeous. Have a great weekend everybody!

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Planting Seeds

Yesterday the girls and I started planting up some tomato and pepper seeds.We had a break in the cold weather and snow (though it was still chilly) and I decided that now was the time. Quite frankly I have no idea what I’m doing with gardening. Last year was the first year we tried to grow anything, and it’s a miracle anything survived. No seriously, the only plants that did survive were the ones that I bought from the plant sale, so they already had a good start in life by someone who knew what they were doing. So this year I decided to take out a little extra insurance. We bought some trays with those plant-straight-into-the -ground-peat-pots and we planted quite a few seeds. I daresay, way too many, but I figure that when half of them don’t make it, we’ll still have a decent amount of viable plants. We didn’t have any markers so we improvised and used tiny clothespins meant for their art wires. They worked well. So now we’ve got tiny tomato and pepper plant seeds buried in moist, nutrient rich soil, just waiting to start their productive, fruitful, delicious lives. Fingers crossed that some make it. What are some of your favourite things to plant?

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Ordinary Moments

making granola doing a bit of crochet eating wholemeal cheddar scones chopping veg for supper

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Invisible Ink

I am a huge fan of Jane Brocket. I love her books, her blog, and always turn to The Gentle Art of Domesticity when I feel I need a boost in inspiration. I am about halfway through Ripping Things to Do, and really enjoying it. A couple of weeks ago, after the boys learned that invisible ink was used in the early history of America to pass messages back and forth, I pulled out the lemon juice, paper, some q-tips and a candle. I learned how to make and use invisible ink in Jane’s book and the boys thought I was the coolest mom ever when I showed them how to write secret messages (thanks, Jane!) The boys used q-tips to write messages in lemon juice, and left them to dry on the table. After their papers were completely dry, they took turns holding the paper very carefully over a candle (always supervised by me). Jane suggests using an iron, but my boys aren’t quite tall enough to do that safely. They were so excited, and it was a fun new skill for us all. You never know when you will need to write a secret message.

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Just a quick update here, unfortunately I’m going to need a little bit more time away. This cold that has been floating around our house has decided not to be nice at all and has turned into a particularly nasty little bug. All four kids have a cough, the boys being the worst. The babe is the healthiest one of all with only a minor little cough, and I put that down to the fact that she is still breastfeeding, what amazing powers breast milk has. We spent the afternoon at the doctors office yesterday and came away with prescriptions for antibiotics for the three big kids. Now I am all for the non medical route of healing things when we are able to, but I do believe there is a time and a place for medicine. Our two middle children both have ear infections, our son with a double ear infection. So today’s plans include lots of rest, staying in pj’s all day, and lots of yummy “sick” foods. I’ll make up some chicken noodle soup for lunch and the kids have requested fruit popsicles and our daughter really wants a grilled cheese. We’ll read lots of The Wishing Chair Collection by Enid Blyton, and throw in a movie later as it is family movie night. The last two days have been absolutely glorious weather wise, in the fifties which is just what we needed. I was able to throw the windows open and get some fresh air circulating in here. Lo, and behold, when I woke up this morning I was greeted by another winter wonderland, snow everywhere and more coming down. Oh well, at least it’ll make it feel cozier snuggling up in blankets. Thanks for being so patient while I’ve been taking this break. I was hoping to get a lot accomplished around the house, but the whole time has been spent taking care of my ill family. I’m hoping that they’ll turn a corner by next week, but I will pop in on Monday to give you another update. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and stay warm, and well.

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Taking a Little Break

I’ve been doing this little blog here for a while now and have truly loved it. This past week I have struggled with feeling uninspired and overwhelmed. I’m sure it has to do with being super busy and having a hugely long to do list that is just not getting done. I’m going to take a few days off here in this space and try to get things sorted out at home. I’m hoping this will free up the creative spot in my brain that is being crushed at the moment. I will miss you while I am gone, but I believe I will be able to come back more organized and calm and ready to go. I plan on popping in next Tuesday and then being back in full force by the end of next week. I just need a little time to take care of my family, my home, the kids schooling and my tired brain. Thank you to everybody who stops by and especially to those who leave comments, I still have a hard time believing why anybody would take the time to come by, but I do appreciate it. Have a wonderful week and I’ll see you next Tuesday.

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Wedding Flowers

Much of this past weekend was enjoying a wedding and all that it involved. My brother flew into town and we are very much enjoying his company as well. I was thrilled to be asked to do the flowers for the wedding so I thought I would share some pictures of them with you all. All four of my kiddos were in the wedding, and the girls each carried one of these. The brides bouquet above went perfectly with her gorgeous bronze dress. It’s been a while since I’ve done flowers for any type of event, but it was a lot of fun. All of the flowers were faux, as they were done in advance, but nowadays there are such pretty, convincing faux flowers that it was near impossible to tell. We had a great weekend, hope you all did too.

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Spaghetti Sauce

Wherever I can, I like to make cooking supper easier, especially as the hour right before always seems to be when things start falling apart. One of my tricks is to make a huge batch of spaghetti sauce at the beginning of the week. Then I can use it for several different meals and part of the work is already done. Friday night is our pizza/movie night so I use the sauce for that. I also can then use it for spaghetti or some other kind of pasta bake such as lasagna. If I know I won’t be able to use it all, then it freezes really well, so I can always freeze portions of it for another time. Spaghetti sauce is also a great way to use up some other bits of veg as well. Sometimes I cook up some ground turkey too. I saute onions, and often peppers and mushrooms when I make my sauce. I chop them up pretty small and the kids don’t really notice them, especially if it is on the pizza. It’s not really a recipe as such, but I got the method from my sister-in-law. First I chop up and saute an onion (and whatever other veg I want) and then sprinkle some dried oregano and basil, and let it saute until the veg is soft. Next I add a 102 ounce can of crushed tomatoes. Stir it up really well and add a sprinkle of sugar and some salt and pepper. Taste and adjust. If it tastes too acidic, you need a little bit more sugar. Feel free to experiment, it is fairly forgiving. Let it simmer a while and taste again, and there you go. Delicious sauce and part of your cooking for the week just got easier. What are some of your timesaving/ multitasking foods?

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Feeling Kind of Fuzzy

Sorry I missed everybody yesterday. About a week ago, the babe started waking up between 3-4 in the morning and wasn’t able to go back to sleep right away. This left me up for an hour or so in the middle of the night, every night for a while. When she finally was able to sleep through again, I wasn’t. I would wake up on the dot at 3:00am and be wide awake for an hour. My senior year in college I came down with mono (and no, it wasn’t from kissing) and ever since then when I get really run down, my body has a hard time snapping out of it. A couple of days ago, I knew I was in trouble if I didn’t slow down. I couldn’t think straight, had a really hard time focusing and I couldn’t sleep even if I tried. Yesterday, Hubby got up with the kids, took care of them while I was finally able to get some extra sleep. Then when I was up, the babe fell asleep in my lap, which never happens any more, so I was able to sit in a chair for two hours and work on some crochet. Hubby made lunch so I could rest, and I even stayed in my pj’s all day. I drank copius amounts of tea and cocoa to keep myself fortified, and basically did nothing but rest, and it turns out it is just what I needed. I’m feeling better, still slightly tired, but ready to face the rest of the week.

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