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Christmas in March

Well, slightly belated Christmas in March. Last month got a little crazy with all of us coming down with the flu the week before we were supposed to leave on our trip, and then the trip, and then getting back and trying to get everything back to normal, so I’m just now posting this project. It’s the Wottle Bottle Cover. I have been wanting to work on knitting hot water bottle covers for a while and when I found this pattern I got really excited. I love this, it’s simple, classy, and depending on the colours and pocket, it is perfect for anyone with a water bottle that needs cozying up. So this water bottle cover will be tucked away until next Christmas, one down, four to go. I used the magic loop method and it was so easy, so if you are in need of a water bottle cover, give it a go. Here is this project on my ravelry page. Edited to add: The ravelry link isn’t working properly so here is a link to the wottle bottle cover page, enjoy!

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Sorry I missed stopping by this week. I was in bed with the flu about a half an hour after I posted last. Then each day one child got sick, so it has gone through everyone now and we are all recuperating. Of course half of the children got sick at night, so I am struggling a little with some sleep deprivation, but at least the worst is over. Today is the 25th, my normal Christmas post, but unfortunately I am running behind as this entire week was lost to illness, so I will post on that soon. Now to scramble and get last minute laundry done and pack. Hope you all are doing well. I will try to pop in at the beginning of next week and share some of our travels.

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Once again I am having problems with WordPress and photos. So instead, I will just give you a quick update. This last week hasn’t gone exactly to plan with extra dental appointments, one child with a fly type bug (fingers crossed nobody else gets it) and lots of preparations. Soon we will be taking a cross country trip, only to the East Coast this time. First stop Maine, second stop Virginia. Our first leg of the journey will be 33 hours (not counting stops), so I am a little nervous how that is going to go. I’ve got plenty of ginger chews ready for our girl who half the time gets car sick, and lots of games etc. for those who don’t. I’ve got a couple of books and some knitting for me as projects while sitting in the dark in the hotel as the children are sleeping. I always think that the hardest part of a trip is getting out the door. Making lists, digging out suitcases, trying to tidy the house before you leave and all the last minute laundry and packing. Hubby will be gone on business for the three days before we leave so that will add a little extra work while he’s gone. We’re all very excited to be going away for some fun family time and I will try to post occasionally while we are gone. I do have posts planned from now until the end of the week, so hopefully I can start uploading pictures soon.

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Ordinary Moments

I had more moments, but WordPress just isn’t letting me upload them today, so this will have to suffice. Hope everyone is enjoying the ordinary.

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Natural disasters anywhere are heartbreaking, there has been so much devastation lately, it seems. The tsunami in Japan hits closer to home for me, as it once was my home. I was born in Japan and apart from a brief time back in the States, I was in Japan until I was five. I have such wonderful memories, a surprising lot, considering how young I was. I lived in the area where the earthquake and tsunami hit, seeing all of the horror just makes my heart ache for the Japanese people. We can pray for the survivors whose lives have been changed forever. We can donate money, every penny helps. May we do all we can to help this country rebuild. May we pray for those who are suffering such terrible loss. Please donate to the American Red Cross or any other organization that can help.

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Ordinary Moments

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More Fabric Gift Bags

We’ve got an 8th birthday here this week, I can’t believe my kiddos are growing up so fast. So, in my quest to have less waste at not only Christmas but birthdays too, I have added another fabric gift bag to the stash. I am trying to make all of the bags not really occasion specific, but more gender specific so that they will all work for just about any occasion or person we need them for. I really like how this one turned out, I used some denim fabric and unbleached twill tape for the ties and border. I took a rectangle of fabric, turned it right sides together and stitched up the sides. Then I turned it right side out and folded the twill tape in half and used it like bias tape, tucking the long tie into the bias in the middle of the back. Super easy and effective. My stash is slow growing, but I figure if I make a couple of bags as birthdays etc. come along, by the end of the year we will have just about all that we need.

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Ordinary Moments

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Knitting Goals

So far my knitting has been pretty basic, nothing that involves putting sleeves in, or turning heels, but I want to change that this year. I have definitely been nervous about knitting cardigans and socks, but I really want to, so I’m going to jump in and just do it. This Christmas, my family got me a set of these needles, and I am loving them. I can’t tell you how nice it is to just be able to change out the cables and have a completely new set of needles tailored to the size that I need. They are light and wonderful to work with, and the points are nice and pointy, no dull needles for me. I just finished up a wrap for myself, hoping to get decent pics this weekend, and now onto a cardi for the babe. I figured I’d break myself in easy with the whole sleeve thing. It’s a bit of a fingers crossed project, this, as I am going to have barely enough yarn and I’m working from a French pattern. More details to follow, providing I don’t make a complete mess of it, that is.

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Fun Learning

I love finding fun ways to learn and/or reinforce learning for my kids. Games are always a popular way to spend time, especially in the dark and dreary winter when it’s too cold and windy to play outside. Here are some of the games that my kids love, and I love too. Multiplication War is a great one. The stack of cards gets divided between two kids and they each turn one card over at a time. They then have to quickly work the multiplication problem in their head and the child with the greater amount wins both cards. There is a cheat sheet card in the game which my six year old uses when she plays with her oldest brother. She is picking up a surprising amount of multiplication just by playing this way. The Alphabet Puzzle by Eeboo is also a great game, especially for the babe. She likes to sit for quite a while and pair up all of the letters and numbers. The cards are very sturdy and stand up well to little hands playing with them. They are beautifully designed, I really love their products. Blink is another fantastic game. My six year old loves this game, and she’s really fast too. Again the stack is divided into two and one card is flipped over in the middle of the players. Each player then needs to discard all of their stack of cards by matching either colour, shape, or number of shapes on the card. It is seriously fast paced and loads of fun. So these are a few of our favourite educational games, do you have any that you love?

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