We Love Pippi

pippi We do a lot of reading here, especially since we homeschool. Sometimes it feels a bit like a chore when we are trying to work on some books while juggling everything else, but one of my goals this year is to live in the moment and really, truly enjoy what we are doing. My daughter and I are reading Pippi Longstocking and we are really loving it. My daughter loves that she lifts her horse up and down off of the porch and she cracks up every time Pippi drinks a cup of coffee. Who wouldn’t love a girl who wears striped knee socks? On the household front, my motivation level is high and yesterday I got all of our Christmas decorations packed away for another year. Next, I’m working on decluttering my closet. Wish me luck.

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  1. Mousy Brown says:

    I love socks like that too! Think they probably look better on your little one but that doesn’t stop me wearing them under my ‘grown up’ clothes 🙂 Good luck with the sorting – I’m warming up by a hot fire, after a chilly walk in the snow enjoying my Christmas books – putting off the sorting!

  2. I’m have a difficulty with Pippi. She doesn’t do what she’s told, and as a parent and a prude, that makes me twitch.

    I realise that this is entirely my problem.

  3. Jennifer says:

    I completely agree that there are many things that Pippi does that are not how we would want our children to act, though it is a great book for discussion. Our children are able to recognize the naughtiness and it makes for great conversation on how important it is for children to have parents who love them and show them how they are to behave.

  4. Ali says:

    I love Pippi too, though I may be a little too old to follow her styling lead!

    I think my decorations are coming down tomorrow. Then major cleaning is in order. Wish me luck…

  5. Emma says:

    Oh the decorations are down but the cleaning can wait here for another day or so..
    Its so many years since I read Pippi!! I must get one of the books for my little girl,We have just started reading ‘The Secret Garden’ another book that I haven’t read for about 30 years!

  6. We too love Pippi!!! My kids want her shoes for mopping the floor 🙂 Thanks so much by the way for your comments on my blog, they are always so encouraging!

  7. Amy says:

    haha, this must be an inate mom thing. I too packed up the tree yesterday and then went on a decluttering binge–filled 2 trash bags and a box of old toys and whatnot to go to Big Brothers/Big Sisiters. Also, isn’t it great how big your room looks after you take the tree down?!

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