Many Moons

moon2This Sunday afternoon we went to a play based on the book Many Moons by James Thurber. It was put on by the little theatre group and was acted out entirely by children. They did such a good job, some of them were quite the naturals. The theatre is a beautiful, old building and our seats on the balcony were great. It was really nice to be able to go and the kids loved that it was done by kids. I hope to be able to frequent more of the plays in town as it’s a really nice time for all of us. Do you all enjoy going to the theatre?

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2 Responses to “Many Moons”

  1. Thanks so much for the lovely comments over at my blog, Jennifer. I’m enjoying exploring yours!
    So glad the book arrived safely and that you think you’ll enjoy it. A Jane Brocket fan like me, I see – hers was the first blog I ever looked at (yes it’s HER fault!!)
    xx Elspeth

  2. Jennifer says:

    Thanks Elspeth for stopping by, I wasn’t ever notified of your comment, so sorry I didn’t see it early. I am really enjoying your book and your blog as well. I do love Jane’s books and blog, and you both are great inspirations. Thanks again for stopping by.

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