Weekend Refresher

A weekend at the cabin was just what we needed. Some beautiful scenery… With a growing love of reading, some time spent curled up in bed… Drying gloves and warming toes after hours spent hiking and playing in the snow… and plenty of card games as well. I hope everyone is feeling a bit rested and ready to hit the new week running. Not too sure I feel rested, but refreshed I do. Lots of plans this week, we’ll see how life cooperates. Have a great Monday everybody.

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4 Responses to “Weekend Refresher”

  1. Ag Ambroult says:

    oh what I would give for a weekend at a cabin. That sounds so good right now.

    AND I wrote about our trade today. It’s only, what? four months late? 😉

  2. amanda makes says:

    Glad to hear you had a good time, Jennifer! It looks heavenly! xxxx

  3. Mousy Brown says:

    I know you have probably had enough snow by now but the thought of hiking and playing in the snow sounds so good! Glad you feel refreshed…try for the rest next! Take care Em xx

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